Social Security and Bankruptcy

  Today we will look at a few of the ways social security benefits and bankruptcy overlap. A number of recent studies have found that older people are making up an increasing amount of bankruptcy filers.  Many elderly people either receive social security benefits already, have social security benefits pending, or will become eligible for social… Read more »

Possible Changes in Debt Collection

On July 28, 2016 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the arm of the federal government responsible for consumer’s rights, issued an outline of proposals that would result in major changes to the debt collection process if accepted. Documentation and Proof of Debt Requirements Often correspondence received by borrowers is not even from the original… Read more »

Bankruptcy and Your Spouse

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Spouse As more and more married couples keep their finances separated, people frequently ask if bankruptcy will affect their husband or wife.  Since nobody can MAKE you file for bankruptcy, a number of our married clients end up filing bankruptcy without their husband or wife.  Usually the non-filing spouse will want… Read more »

Why You’re Not Getting Arrested for Student Loans

If you’ve been on social media in the last week you’ve probably heard about Paul Aker. He claims he was arrested by US Marshals because he owed student loan debt (who doesn’t?). There is STILL no Debtors’ Prison I’ll let you get caught up on the facts that were reported in the original story here…. Read more »

Advice to Kanye West

  Although most of what hip-hop artist Kanye West says must be taken with a grain of salt, he recently announced that he was $53 million dollars in debt on a social media site. While this may seem outrageous, Mr. West is experiencing the same issues many consumers face on a much larger scale. In… Read more »