Fall 2020 Update

Three Easy Consultation Options At Detroit Lawyers PLLC both your financial and physical health are important to us. In order to adapt to the times, we are providing the following ways to meet with our attorneys: In Person Consultations Our office is open for business! We are back providing in person consultations for all required… Read more »

Coronavirus Update

Our Commitment to You At Detroit Lawyers PLLC, we remain focused on continuing to provide outstanding customer service while keeping our clients safe. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak we have implemented changes to our office policies. We are open for business! You can file bankruptcy during the government’s stay in place order. You… Read more »

Criminal Fines and Prison Debts

Currently there is a surge in public interest in the American prison system due to revelations of a disproportionately high prison populations compared to other countries. This interest is guided by concerns over racial factors and minor drug offenses contributing to the high numbers.  However, one of the aspects of the prison experience that is… Read more »

Possible Changes in Debt Collection

On July 28, 2016 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the arm of the federal government responsible for consumer’s rights, issued an outline of proposals that would result in major changes to the debt collection process if accepted. Documentation and Proof of Debt Requirements Often correspondence received by borrowers is not even from the original… Read more »

Solutions for Wayne County Delinquent Property Taxes

Many individuals, mostly in the city of Detroit, have found themselves behind on property taxes owed to the  Wayne County Treasurer and face the risk of losing their home.  Timeline -A city tax bill is sent out to the homeowner in both July and December for both Summer and Winter taxes. Property taxes are assessed… Read more »

Advice to Kanye West

  Although most of what hip-hop artist Kanye West says must be taken with a grain of salt, he recently announced that he was $53 million dollars in debt on a social media site. While this may seem outrageous, Mr. West is experiencing the same issues many consumers face on a much larger scale. In… Read more »

10 Questions with a Client – Part 1

  Periodically our office likes to reach out to our clients to give others an idea how the process of filing bankruptcy works with our office. Allowing others to tell their story helps give potential clients a good idea of how a bankruptcy works and may help dispel common misconceptions. We have taken out all… Read more »