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Our Michigan Bankruptcy Attorneys can answer your questions better than Google

We know you have plenty of questions about how bankruptcy works and if it is right for you. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys have the answers and love being the light at the end of the tunnel for their clients.

For most people, the bankruptcy process is stressful enough without having to beg your attorney to call you back. We’re different. We return most emails and voicemail within hours, not days. And since we also live in the  area, we’re often able to meet after hours.

At our office, you will not be asked to fill out an “interview sheet” or “homework packet” that we will just input into the system. We understand every client requires different needs and promise to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Come in for a free consultation to learn about your options. You’ll never be faced with any “bait-and-switch” or pushy sales tactics.

Our Attorneys

   | Scott Skinner |

Bankruptcy Lawyer Scott Skinner

Many bankruptcy lawyers prefer to handle bankruptcy cases and nothing more. Scott’s different because he’s constantly looking for other ways he can help his clients save money or get money back. He isn’t afraid to suggest an alternative to bankruptcy if he thinks there are better options available. Whether it’s because of consumer protection laws (FDCPA) or recovering money that has already been garnished, Scott will handle more than “just” your bankruptcy.

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        | Nick Best |

Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney - Nick Best

Nick already knew that he wanted to start a bankruptcy law firm in Michigan even while he was still in law school. After studying bankruptcy law in school he interned at a local bankruptcy firm and was immediately hooked. Nick’s biggest frustration is that most clients suffer for far too long simply because they are misinformed about debt collection and bankruptcy. When he’s not in the office helping clients get a fresh start you can usually find him giving a talk to local groups about their different debt relief options.

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   | Drew Millitello |

Attorney Drew Millitello for Detroit Lawyers PLLC

Drew brings a unique bankruptcy perspective to the law firm. Prior to joining Detroit Lawyers, PLLC, Drew gained his experience in bankruptcy law as an attorney representing creditors and Chapter 7 Trustees in the Eastern District of Michigan. He quickly gained a reputation among Detroit bankruptcy attorneys as the go to guy for bankruptcy answers. He realized, however, that he found it more rewarding to use his bankruptcy knowledge to help those in debt realize their second chance.

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Detroit Bankruptcy Attorneys in Michigan

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