Detroit Residents Are Overtaxed

A Detroit News investigation found that Detroit homeowners could have been taxed by more than $600 million. As a debt relief company, we meet with many Detroit residents struggling with large property tax debt. A majority of these people are facing tax foreclosure or other financial hardships as a result of their high tax bills…. Read more »

Detroit Lawyers PLLC featured in Jalopnik

The automotive blog, Jalopnik,  conducted a thorough investigation of Credit Acceptance and its practices. Jalopnik examined over twenty years of court records in the 36th District in Detroit and found that one out of every nine people facing a debt collection case was being sued by Credit Acceptance. Attorney Drew Millitello was interviewed for the… Read more »

Who is Midland Funding?

Have you received a collection letter from Midland Funding? Is Midland Funding appearing on your credit report?  Is Midland Funding garnishing you or suing you in court? We have countless potential clients confused when Midland Funding contacts them attempting to collect a debt. These people have never entered into an agreement with Midland Funding so… Read more »

Detroit Lawyers PLLC Featured in Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press recently featured an article with attorney Drew Millitello regarding allegations of fraud by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency and its relation to bankruptcy. Click here to see the coverage! If you are struggling with overpayment of unemployment allegations, contact our office for a free consultation.  

Why You’re Not Getting Arrested for Student Loans

If you’ve been on social media in the last week you’ve probably heard about Paul Aker. He claims he was arrested by US Marshals because he owed student loan debt (who doesn’t?). There is STILL no Debtors’ Prison I’ll let you get caught up on the facts that were reported in the original story here…. Read more »

Can I file for bankruptcy without an attorney?

Without an Attorney - Picture of Eastern Market

Yes. Bankruptcy without an attorney is possible. We don’t recommend it, however, so this article is for information purposes only. Come in and discuss your situation with one of our lawyers even if you plan on filing bankruptcy yourself. Why file bankruptcy without an attorney? First things first… yes, you’re able to file Chapter 7… Read more »

Snow day update

Worst. Winter. Ever. Unless you’ve been inside since Halloween, you’re well aware that this has been an especially gross winter. Detroit has already locked up the bragging rights for most miserable winter. At this point, I’m cheering for the last couple inches of snow to set an all-time record for Detroit. Understandably, today’s storm made… Read more »

Find Out Why You Were Denied Credit

What to Do if You’re Denied Credit I just read about a nifty tool at to help find out why you may have recently been denied credit. Run by credit scoring company, VantageScore, the tool gives the explanation behind the confusing two-digit reason code included with your denial. Find Out Why Lenders are required… Read more »

Field Trip to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show is in town So we played hooky yesterday and checked out the Industry Preview at Cobo Hall. I’ll leave it to the professional bloggers to fill you in on the latest and greatest, but if you want to watch us sit in some really expensive cars then this video’s for you! Had… Read more »