Student Loans and Covid-19

There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has impacted everything in your daily life.  Today we are going to look at the impact of Covid-19 on your federal student loans owned by the Department of Education.  Keep in mind these are different than privately held student loans. Currently, your Department of Education student loan payments… Read more »


Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States. Michigan, specifically metro Detroit, has been hit particularly hard.  We would like to provide you with a few resources or tips that may help you during these trying times. MICHIGAN UNEMPLOYMENT If you’ve lost your job you should attempt to contact the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance… Read more »

Brite Financial

Are you being garnished by Brite Financial? Has Brite Financial repossessed your vehicle and attempted to sue you for the deficiency? Do you have a high interest car loan from Brite Financial and your vehicle broke down? WHO IS Brite Financial? Brite Financial Corporation is an automobile financing company that works with car dealers to… Read more »

DTE Energy and Bankruptcy

Clients come in to our office due to a variety of financial issues, it could be credit cards, medical bills, collection accounts, mortgage issues or lawsuits.  The majority of our clients would be more than happy to pay their bills, but their current financial position prohibits them from doing so.  In fact, sometimes their financial… Read more »

Michigan Suspended License Due To Judgment

Clients call our office for a variety of debt related issues.  Most of the time the client is aware of the debt and the standard ramifications of a judgment.  A judgment in Michigan can result in creditors garnishing your wages, bank account, or Michigan state tax refund.  It may also result in a seizure of… Read more »

Social Security and Bankruptcy

  Today we will look at a few of the ways social security benefits and bankruptcy overlap. A number of recent studies have found that older people are making up an increasing amount of bankruptcy filers.  Many elderly people either receive social security benefits already, have social security benefits pending, or will become eligible for social… Read more »

Bankruptcy and Your Spouse

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Spouse As more and more married couples keep their finances separated, people frequently ask if bankruptcy will affect their husband or wife.  Since nobody can MAKE you file for bankruptcy, a number of our married clients end up filing bankruptcy without their husband or wife.  Usually the non-filing spouse will want… Read more »

Charge Offs

What is a Charge Off? Past blog posts have explained the importance of your credit score.  Your credit score can have an impact on your ability to get a job, insurance rates, residential leases and utilities.  There is a myriad of information on your credit report, from creditor names, payment history, recent balance, account status… Read more »

Stop Co-signing!

STOP CO-SIGNING ON AUTO LOANS!! A number of our clients come into the office because of a lawsuit they are facing.  Now, some of the time the debt isn’t even “their debt”.  Rather it is debt from them co-signing on an auto loan for a son, daughter, brother, sister, relative or friend. What is co-signing?… Read more »