Are you receiving letters from Midland Funding?

Are you being called by Midland Funding?  Is Midland Funding showing up on your caller ID?

Has Midland Funding used one of their Michigan attorneys to sue you in District or Circuit Court?

Has Midland Funding garnished your wages or Michigan tax refund?

Is Midland Funding showing up on your credit report?

Who is Midland Funding?

Midland Funding, also known as Midland Credit Management, is one of the largest debt buyers in America.  Midland Funding is a bulk purchaser of charged off debts.  It purchases the charged off debt at a fraction of the price from the original creditor then turns around and tries to collect the debt from you!

For example, let’s say you fall behind on a Chase credit card and don’t make payments for 180 days.  You owe $5,000, but are unable to make payments due to being financially strapped.  Midland Funding will purchase Chase’s charged off debt for $1,000.  Chase will also send your last known address and phone number.  Midland Funding will then attempt to collect the full $5,000 from you.  This is all legal.

Now, Midland Funding will attempt to collect the $5,000 debt by calling and sending letters to individuals.  If calling and sending letters does not get the desired result, Midland Funding will eventually sue you in court.  In order to do so they must hire a local attorney.  The law offices we most frequently see representing Midland Funding in Michigan are Mary Jane Elliott and Weltman, Weinberg & Reis.

Our office has worked with hundreds of individuals who have had the “pleasure” of dealing with Midland Funding or one of their law offices.  Our clients have found that these interactions are rarely pleasant and often times stressful.  In some instances, it may even be illegal.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides guidelines to protect individuals from over bearing debt collectors.

How our office can help with problems with Midland Funding?

Our office is familiar with the FDCPA and other consumer protection acts designed to protect individuals from debt collectors such as Midland Funding.  We can stop the harassing phone calls and letters.  When you retain our office, all future communications from Midland Funding will cease.  We will handle all future phone calls and debt collection letters.  If we cannot settle a debt and it proceeds to a trial, we are capable of handling that as well.

Our office can also halt a garnishment by Midland Funding immediately and discharge any obligation that was previously owed to them.  By retaining our office, we will contact Midland Funding’s attorneys to get the garnishment stopped. If Midland Funding has taken $600 or more within the last 90 days prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case, we will get that money back for you.

Fight back against Midland Funding

Stop dealing with Midland Funding’s harassing phone calls, letters and lawsuits.  Don’t accept Midland Funding taking 25% of your paycheck or your entire Michigan tax refund.  Contact our office today at 248-237-7979.