The Detroit Auto Show is in town

So we played hooky yesterday and checked out the Industry Preview at Cobo Hall. I’ll leave it to the professional bloggers to fill you in on the latest and greatest, but if you want to watch us sit in some really expensive cars then this video’s for you! Had I known my phone was going to automatically create a video I would have taken more pictures that included us. I haven’t been to the show in quite a while and it was amazing to what’s new. All the cars are drool worthy, but I was most awestruck by how they can fit such an enormous and complex event indoors. Some of the most impressive feats of engineering are probably the displays some of the major car companies put together. Ford basically brought their assembly plant to their display to show off the robots that are used when building pickup trucks.

What’s New?

If you haven’t been to the show in a few years you’ll immediately notice how every company is making huge strides in the green car revolution. My favorite part was probably crawling around the different cars and seeing what new gizmos and gadgets are starting to come standard. ¬†While you’re admiring all the glamour and glitz, don’t forget that in recent years both the City of Detroit and 2 of the Big 3 have filed for bankruptcy protection. I’m not trying to spoil this great event, but it’s important to remember that even big business and major cities can’t always turn things around without help.

The public show starts Saturday and is definitely worth checking out. Let us know what you liked most about the show this year.

The screenshot from the video is Cadillac’s new concept car, Elmiraj.

Cadillac Elmiraj - Concept Car | Detroit Auto Show

Cadillac Elmiraj – Concept Car | Detroit Auto Show

Nick Best