Snow day update

Worst. Winter. Ever. Unless you’ve been inside since Halloween, you’re well aware that this has been an especially gross winter. Detroit has already locked up the bragging rights for most miserable winter. At this point, I’m cheering for the last couple inches of snow to set an all-time record for Detroit. Understandably, today’s storm made… Read more »

Find Out Why You Were Denied Credit

What to Do if You’re Denied Credit I just read about a nifty tool at to help find out why you may have recently been denied credit. Run by credit scoring company, VantageScore, the tool gives the explanation behind the confusing two-digit reason code included with your denial. Find Out Why Lenders are required… Read more »

How Much Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?

tl;dr| Come in for a free consult and we’ll give you an exact bankruptcy cost. Understandably, we get calls all the time wanting to know how much it’ll cost them to file for bankruptcy. Because the final cost depends on many complicated factors, the question can be difficult to answer without getting more information about… Read more »