Periodically our office likes to reach out to our clients to give others an idea how the process of filing bankruptcy works with our office. Allowing others to tell their story helps give potential clients a good idea of how a bankruptcy works and may help dispel common misconceptions. We have taken out all identifying information to protect the client’s anonymity.

1.      Tell us a little bit about yourself?

We are 28 and 31, married, employed, and had over 60,000 in credit card debt was out of control, and the high interest rate was making it difficult to pay down. We had been on debt for probably five years, just paying minimum payments on our credit cards. We were getting nowhere and couldn’t even afford an apartment. We had to live with family.

2.       What experience caused you to contact our office for debt help?

After 5 years of constant credit card debt, We first sought out debt management, but it’s not what it seems. You not only pay the company a large sum, but while paying this monthly fee (ours was going to be $1300), you also have to pay your creditors at the same time so that you don’t go into default. They negotiate rates with creditors and new monthly payments, but it all takes time. We just couldn’t afford to pay them and our creditors the same amount each month. So we thought we would see if we qualified for bankruptcy so we could end the suffering. I searched for a law firm on the Internet and was so happy to find Detroit Lawyers.

3.      What was your understanding of bankruptcy before you worked with our office?  

At first we didn’t think we would qualify, and we really didn’t know too much. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet. We talked with others who had gone through bankruptcy and they all had similar stories of the process; qualifying, filing, court hearing, and then a discharge (pending you qualify for one).

4.      Explain the process of your initial consultation.

The initial consultation was free. Everyone was really nice and it was a smooth process. While my husband was out of town, I met with Scott and he answered a ton of questions for me. I filled out a small form of our debts. He looked over my form and thought he could help us file chapter 7. But at this point, we were fine with whatever chapter we qualified for. This was our last hope.

5.     What did you have to do to get the case filed?

Scott did all of the work filing our case. It was simply filling out our debts and assets. We verified the information in the petition and signed it. It was a super easy process.

6.       How was the court hearing?

We were nervous, but it turned out to be what everyone had said; very simple and quick. You simply answer questions on the record and you have the chance to see other hearings before you go up for yours. I think the whole process took less than 10 minutes after we were called.

7.      How did you feel when the case was concluded?

Relieved. There was no better feeling in the world, than to have your life back and actually feel like you have a life again.

8.      What would you tell others in your position?

Don’t read anything on the Internet! Only get your information from your attorney have them answer all your questions.

9.      What is the most common misconception going into this process?

Perhaps the most common misconception is that you need to “make a certain amount in order to qualify.” We were thinking we made too much in income, and we didn’t. There is a lot more that goes into it to see if you qualify.

10.     How has your life changed since after you filed?

We no longer live with family! We have our own apartment and we aren’t suffering with credit card debt any longer. It was the best decision we ever made!