What are Driver Responsibility Fees?

Under the Driver Responsibility Law, the State of Michigan can assess fees to people who have traffic violations and/or have accumulated seven or more points on their driving record. This includes those driving with or without a license in the State of Michigan and can include violations from other states.

This Michigan law started in 2003 and was last amended by Public Act 203. The last amendments went into effect on April 1, 2013 and allow for installment payments in order to get your license back. Michigan.gov has the details about installments.

Can Bankruptcy get rid of my Michigan Driver Responsibility Fee?

Criminal penalties are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Fortunately, Michigan driver responsibility fees are not criminal penalties, they are administrative fines.   That means your driver responsibility fees may be discharged in a bankruptcy.  Therefore, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the key to getting your Michigan driver’s license back. We’ll also be able to wipe out any other dischargeable debt you may owe as well!


How it works

Bankruptcy discharges Driver Responsibility Fees

Too far to walk… get your license back.

  • -The court informs the Department of State if the driver is found guilty or responsible for the ticket.
  • -The incident date will be the same as the date the driver was pulled over and got the citation.
  • -The Department of Treasury handles the collection of fines.
  • -1st notification: Driver is notified of the Driver Responsibility Fee
  • -2nd notification: Drive must pay within 30 days of notification of payment due.
  • -3rd notification: Final demand letter.
  • After 90 days, the driver may have their license suspended.
  • Collection (a license may be reinstated if the driver can get an installment plan approved).
  • Otherwise a driver can get their license back after paying both the Driver Responsibility Fees and the reinstatement costs.
  • Year Two: Drivers will be assessed another fee and receive a second notification after year one.

Certain Fees eliminated after 2012

Driver Responsibility Fees – Detroit Lawyers

Michigan.gov provided the amendments to the Driver Responsibility Law from 2012. Public Act 255 eliminated the $150 fee for two consecutive years for an expired license. Michigan also eliminated the $200 fine for failing to provide proof of insurance for two consecutive years. It’s important to note, however, that the fees that were assessed before late 2012 will continue.

Without Bankruptcy

In order to apply to get your license back you can’t have your license suspended for a second reason. If you do qualify for a payment arrangement, you’ll have to pay the $125 to the Michigan Department of Treasury. You’ll have to continue making your timely payments as you wait for you letter to arrive.

Michigan Contact Information

The Michigan Secretary of State offers driving record searches for $7 and certified records for $8. You can call them at (517)322-1624 or mail them at the address below.

Michigan Department of State
Record Lookup Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, Michigan 48918-1540


The Michigan Account Receivable Collection System is a privately owned collection agency that has a contract with the State of Michigan to try to collect these fees. Their toll free number is 800-950-6227.

If it’s already tough to make ends meet, having your driver’s license revoked makes it that much tougher.  If you have a job, now you cannot drive to work.  If you are looking for a job, now you don’t have reliable transportation to apply and interview.   If you’ve lost your driver’s license because of driver responsibility fees owed to the state, we can help! Even if you’re not a candidate for bankruptcy, you can follow the instructions below to try to get your license back. Obviously paying the fees in full will get you your license back but you can also set up an installment payment.  Contact our office today at 248.237.7979 for help in getting your driver’s license reinstated!